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IAMS v3.0
Internet Access Management System
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Formerly known as PAYG, our unique software solution that can be used to charge customers for using the company Internet connection based on the time they spend online is now named Internet Access Management System - IAMS v3.0.

This can be used within both WiFi hotspots and wired environments, WITHOUT the need of a client software module installed on the workstations / laptops / PDAs / etc.

Access is controlled using PIN numbers generated within the software. Users can create personal accounts which can be recharged. They can customize their own profiles. The credit can be spent on using the Internet connection, for sending text messages (SMS), and for printing documents.

The system will block by default all Internet traffic. Every time a customer tries to open a web page, he is redirected to a login page. After he authenticates himself, he may start browsing - using the Internet connection, he may send text messages or he may print documents. The client has the possibility to logout at any time and reuse the same account details with another occasion, without losing the remained credit.

Main Features

  • Built-in webserver for web configuration
  • User accounts management
  • PIN Access Codes generation/selling/printing
  • Prepaid Card users
  • Rechargeable user accounts
  • Users with unlimited access
  • Accounting reports
  • Compatible with both wireless and wired environments
  • Breaks established connections when out of credit
  • Totally integrated Short Message Service
  • Optional Printing Accounting AddOn Module
  • Unlimited support for as long as you use our product

The IAMS Server may be installed between your hardware Router and the customers LAN.

In case you are not using a hardware Router you can use your existing gateway server to do the IAMS job also.

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